Recapping my 2017 OCR Season

In 2016 I was introduced to Spartan races, completing 4 total races. 2017 was my first full season racing OCRs, completing 28 total races.

My initial goal at the start of the season was a 3X Trifecta. However that changed after I ended up signing up for more races, and it switched to completing a 5X Trifecta.

Learned so much about myself mentally and physically this year. The training I receive at Urban Fit has helped me make obstacles that seemed near impossible to complete, much much easier. Despite running less, my endurance has gone up as well, as I’m now able to complete longer races even on back to back days. Racing the Beast Killington on back to back days proved to me how far I have come in my fitness. Even 10 to 20 push ups used to seem exhausting, and the rope climb was a monumental task. These are things that just 2 years ago would have been physically impossible. I did not have the proper training. But now those things feel like second nature.

Also I’ve made so many amazing friends this year. People I only knew on Instagram, I now consider my friends and have great conversations with. Their motivation has been so important to me and vital for my journey. It was so unexpected, as I don’t consider myself a very social person, but those friendships are so much more important to me than any medal or finishing time. My brother “from another mother” Juan who ran multiple races with me this year, I’m not sure I would have gotten through Killington without him. Chey who cracks me up constantly, Jeremy who is amazing to watch race, and Thor who would throw me on his back if he had to to help me get through a race! Jon, Noah, Anotoli, Katie Purcell, Kelsey, Sips, Cherry, Juggernaut, Spartanup, and many many more! Thank u all for motivation throughout year!!

Also the Spartan teams I’ve been privileged enough to join have been super encouraging and inspiring. Seeing injured veterans, adaptive athletes, as well as rookie Spartans completing races, has been an eye opening experience. It makes me not take for granted my physical abilities, to appreciate what I can do, and not let that go to waste. LV Spartans, and Team Believe, I am honored to be a part of your team. Also my local Urban Fit Spartan Race team with their amazing trainers! Plus my IRunFor buddy Bryson!!

My wife, family, friends, and even coworkers have helped hold me accountable for my goals, despite probably being sick of hearing me talk about my races. When I watch the Pro and Elite races it can sometimes make me feel like I have such a long way to go. But hearing people say how amazed they are at what I’m doing, helps keep me focused and away from being negative.

Meeting employees of companies like Fit Four, Exoskyn, and Clinch Gear and being asked to be one of their ambassadors, was a pretty cool honor. Plus being a featured athlete on the OCR Max website.

My goal for next year is to expand my OCR horizons. Still going to do about 20 Spartan races or so. But I won’t have a Trifecta plan. I will instead be focusing on getting a few other serious OCRs in like Savage Race, Tough Mudder, and Bonefrog. I’m pumped to see what I can do.

But for now, it’s all about training all this winter!! See you guys next year!!


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