Surgery and Recovery

Before the 2020 season started, I was experiencing some burning pain in my right arm and shoulder. I tried different recovery methods, as well as rest and stretching. Nothing seemed to help get rid of the pain.

I went to several doctors but they couldn’t seem to find the issue. I requested an MRI but my insurance required 30 sessions of PT first. I was hoping that would help, but even after getting some dry needling, the burning sensation was still there. It felt like something was torn.

When I finally got an MRI they discovered that is exactly what it was, a tear in the long head bicep tendon. The recomended treatment plan was bicep tenodesis. They cut the bicep tendon at the shoulder and then reattach it to the bicep bone.

I was pretty nervous about this surgery. I’ve never had any surgeries, and even though everything I read said this was a common surgery, I know surgery can still be dangerous. Luckily my surgery went really well, except for getting way too much anesthesia. Took forever to come out of it post-surgery. But I was able to get home and start my recovery. No driving for 6 weeks and I have to stay in the sling.

First 2 weeks was just staying in the sling and recovering. No weight bearing at all with my right arm. After the 2 weeks, I started PT and could begin doing a few light body weight movements. No actual exercises, just movements designed to get some mobility back. No running at all!

Right now I’ve got about 2 weeks left in the of using the sling. After that, I can drive again and start doing some strength building exercises.

It’s going to be a long road back to where I can do obstacles again. Going to take a lot of patience and physical therapy. but I love this sport, and I can’t wait to be back on the trails! 🦁



  1. Thank for sharing this. I keep you in my prayers and I’m confident that you will be stronger than before. I can’t wait to see you!! 🤗🤗

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