1 year post surgery

Can’t believe it’s been one year since my bicep tendon was cut and reattached. It’s been such a long journey, but now it feels like it went by so fast.

The good news is I’m at probably like 95% of where I was physically a year ago. My strength is not the same, I’m still working with light weights as I don’t feel comfortable maxing out yet. Part of it is fear, but the other part is not being in a rush.

But I do feel like I am almost 100% there with mobility. Besides being unable to touch higher spots on my back, I can pretty much do everything I used to.

However I SUCK on obstacles now. Part of it is my current gym only has monkey bars and handholds so not a lot to practice on. But a lot of it is fear. Which is something I’d never thought I’d say. I’ve been afraid to be on obstacles. Which is a really shitty feeling. So I have this mental barrier to also work through.

I did some awesome OCRs in 2022. Lots of Spartan, some Savage, and OCRWC. I was able to get through some obstacles at OCRWC but there were plenty of others I failed and couldn’t keep my band. I also have no endurance in my arms. After the 3K on Friday, my arms were fried the whole weekend. I couldn’t do much in the 15K and I was the only member on my team in the Team Relay who couldn’t keep their band.

I know the only way I’m gonna get over this fear is to get back out there but that’s gonna be a couple months before there is even races. So for now I’m just concentrating on trail running and staying healthy.

It’s been a long long journey and there’s still so much more to do. Next year will be a change from the norm. I foresee more trail ultras in my future and less OCR. Not because I’ve lost my love of OCR, but travel costs are so high for those events. It’s getting harder and harder to justify them.

Thanks to everyone who has checked in on me during this process. One thing I’ve learned after surgery: you find out who really cares about ya, and who is just there when you’re around. 😉



  1. Hi Danny. So glad you’ve come so far with your recovery. I too know a thing about fear after an injury. Wish I could say it has gone away but it has not. I do wh

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